Along For The Ride

by The Further Unsound

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"Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride" - Hunter S. Thompson

The Further Unsound IS

Cole Riddering - Bass
Matt Malone - Guitar / Vocals
Sean Cranston - Drums / Vocals / Claps


released January 12, 2016

(All Songs were recorded using live takes)
Recorded & Engineered by Carl Blackwood @ The Linda/WAMC Performing Arts Studio Albany, NY

Mixing by Carl Blackwood @ Blackwood Studios Albany, NY

Mastering by Jesse Bolduc @ Nashphone Recording Co.

Photography and Artwork by Meg Benesch

All music written and performed by The Further Unsound
"Sahara Song" written and performed by Matt Malone
"Upward Expansion" written by Matt Malone, Aaron Haggerty, & Sean Cranston

We'd like to dedicate this album to many dear fallen friends ~
Alex Wilkins
Sean Murdick
Will Timber
Rudy Hordones
Cooper Reiman
Jordan Howland
Matty Ryan

Special Thanks to
Soultone Cymbals




Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Further Unsound Albany, New York

The Further Unsound is a three piece outfit from Albany, NY formed in April 2012. Over the last 5 years, the group has been dedicated to creating a "genre-bending" live experience

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Track Name: The Return
Comin' back from the otherside, baby
You don't wanna know why
The heat is heavy and the money ain't steady
Makes you wanna die, but now, don't cry

Come back with my head real low
Buried deep in that cold white snow
Bet you wonder where you even want to go
When they try to take you home but
you just don't know where to go
Even the wind doesn't seem to know where to blow
Look Out!

Comin' back from the otherside, baby
You don't wanna know why
The heat is heavy and the money ain't steady
Makes you wanna die
Comin' back from the otherside, baby
You know I won't lie
I know you're wondering, I know you're wondering
How a mother fucker like me could come out alive

Oh, I survived!
Here we go...
Track Name: Wisdom Window
Standing here
Time is slow
I want to leave
But I just can't go

Staring out
From up here
All I can see
I'm going out the window...

Wisdom windows
Will not open themselves
You won't go far unless you know where they are
Wonders and thrills that lie over the hills
It cost what you gave to get there

Staring out
From up here
All I can see
I'm going out the window
The goal is out the window

Everyone wants you dead
There's no success
Leaving you so helpless
There's no success
As you go, just focus on your movements
Look down at your footsteps
They'll find an end
This has not always been
Won't always be
Wisdom Windows
Set you free
Track Name: Phenomenal Cosmic Powers in an Itty Bitty Living Space
Obey the commands!
I would if I could focus on a task at hand
By raising the white flag
I've set the tone
Found me lost in a world that was all my own

I know the devil
I've seen the void
It's in my blood and blood runs deep
The secrets from the moments that you're meant to keep

I'll waste it to fix it
Won't answer to you
I won't answer
I'll lock the doors
I'll close the blinds
I'll turn out the lights...
Track Name: Girl On The Moon
There's a girl on the moon
And she is laughing at you
Everything you do
Everything you say
She just sees it as some strange form of play

Yeah, there's a girl on the moon
And she can't get any higher
She leaped too far
Still under that star
Yeah, she's waiting for you to come up and join her

So I jump up to see if I can be happy
In some sort of way
Try as I might
Well, I can't seem to take flight and be with you
Well, maybe someday

Well there's a girl on the moon
And she'll keep shining on you
Track Name: Nothing Too Fancy
I've got all of my health
And no dime to my name
It's been this way so long
I know you feel the same
I'll ask you how you are
You'll ask me how I am
I want to shoot it straight
But we're too far gone to understand

As each day comes and goes
I hear the same song
The only sanity
To push me along
Oh, I'm here
Take me there
Cause I'm getting to a place
Where it's all beyond repair

We're dreaming of it all
It's so easy to feel small
When you're always, always, staring at the sky
And there's nothing, nothing too fancy for you or I

Check In, Check Out!
Check In, Check Out!
I don't know what it's all about
But I'll just keeping saying it...
I'm Checked in, Checked out
Checked in, Checked out
I don't know what it's all about
But i'll just keep saying it....